Welcome, delegates

Welcome Letter

Delegates, Journalists, Members of the Secretariat, Members of the ExCom,

Martina and I, your Deputy Secretary General and Secretary General, would like to welcome you to MUNUSAL 2021, a Conference where you will have the opportunity to discuss old and new topics, changing the course of history and modelling the future.

April 2021 is the opportunity for MUN lovers, old and new, curious first timers and seasoned delegates to find our way back to MUNUSAL for yet another fabulous edition of MUNUSAL. For a weekend you will be discussing topics during what we hope will be fruitful sessions, under the caring supervision of your chairs and the sharp reporting eyes of the journalists. Debates are meant to be respectful, but fierce, conclusive, yet always keeping straight with the coherence of your country.

Today's world is faced with increasing security threats that hinder political, economic, social and cultural stability, and MUNUSAL's Conference theme reflects this. The international community should therefore be ready to react with prompt and effective solutions...We should be ready!

As delegates and journalists of MUNUSAL 2021, you will have the chance to dive into questions of hybrid warfare, extremism and the challenges posed by the multiple on-going wars around the globe.

"When peace has been broken anywhere, the peace of all countries everywhere is in danger", claimed Franklin D. Roosevelt, and his words still echo today. We thus hope that you can undertake an enhanced dialogue and negotiation, in order to counter worldwide security threats.

This dire situation that we have been facing has not discouraged you from being a part of MUNUSAL. COVID-19 is causing a crisis that we never faced before, but it is an honour to see all of you joining this project, one more year, to keep the spirit of Model UN alive. MUNUSAL has seen generations of MUNers, and yours should be no exception! We know you will be around amazing other people and there is no better opportunity for you than this one to make acquaintances, friends and maybe more...

You might not have the chance to visit the splendid city of Salamanca, but joining an online MUN is already a step into a very uncommon world, and we hope that you are as enthusiastic as we are to be a part of it.

Being part of an MUN is not only a wonderful academic experience, it is a great discovery of knowledge shared with peers and friends.

Once again, both Martina and I would like to reiterate our warm words of welcome to you all, and we remain at your disposal, along with any organizer throughout the week to make you feel at home!



                     Coz and Martina

23-25 April 2021