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Maria Foto

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Daniel Foto

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Carla Foto

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Pablo ExCOm

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Anton Foto

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Rodri Foto



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Lucia Foto

Timón, Pablo - MUNUSAL Foto

Timón, Pablo - MUNUSAL Foto

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Jose Jaime Foto



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Tibo Foto

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-10 at 18.02.31

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-10 at 18.02.31

Leticia Foto

Leticia Foto


María Lagares Romay

Maria Foto.jpg
“Earn the spotlight on your own merits. You’ll feel better.”
— Serena van der Woodsen (Gossip Girl)

María was born in Galicia in the year 2000, she lived in a really small village next to the city until her last year of high school when she decided to spend a year in the US. After her experience in the States, her life plans changed completely and she went from wanting to study arts in her old city to starting Global Studies in Salamanca. During her years in Global Studies, she found her passion for Law and International Relations and she is now studying Law at the University of Salamanca. 

María’s first experience with MUNUSAL was during the 2019's edition as a delegate in the Security Council. Shortly after this, she decided to join the Executive Committee, and last year she was MUNUSAL’s secretary. Now, she hopes she can do her best as President, next to her amazing new team. 

Daniel Foto.jpg


“I was never aware of any other option but to question everything.”  -Noam Chomsky

A native to rainy Panama City, Panama, where he lived for the first 19 years of his life, Dani has had Salamanca as his chosen home since 2021. Despite starting off as a Law student, he quickly found out that Global Studies was what he truly wanted to do, so he found his way into the University of Salamanca. He found his passion of Model UN early on in High School, and has not stopped attending conferences ever since, taking on roles from being a delegate, to a chair, to a staff member, to a Secretary-General. He feels extremely lucky to have gotten the opportunity to participate in conferences all over the globe, in countries such as Colombia, the United States, the Dominican Republic and Canada.


Dani first joined MUNUSAL in 2021, and he served as a member of the Secretariat in MUNUSAL 2022, chairing the International Labour Organisation. He currently serves as Secretary in the ExCom, and is extremely excited for what’s to come this year.

Carla Foto.jpeg

Carla Maciñeiras Bustamante

“Things could have happened in any other way, yet they did.”
-Miguel Delibes

Carla was born in Vigo and when she was 7 years old she moved to the city of León. Since then she has not stopped traveling, both to visit her family and abroad on exchange. The first time she heard about international relations, she automatically knew that she would study for a career in this field. Thanks to her participation as a delegate in MUNUSAL 2022, her desire to learn and her interest in the career grew. Carla is currently studying Global Studies and Law simultaneously  at the University of Salamanca

What she likes most about MUNUSAL is, in addition to the academic opportunities it provides, the possibility of meeting so many people, strengthening bonds and enjoying doing something we like. Besides, we are lucky to be able to do it in the best university city in the country, where there is never a lack of partying and fun.

In addition to her career, Carla loves reading, spending time with her family and helping others, so she is determined to try to make the world a little better, even if it sounds a little idyllic.

After her time at MUNUSAL, Carla invites all students to try the experience of being able to immerse themselves in discussions with people from all countries and soak up the essence of the United Nations.



"The truth may be stretched thin, but it never breaks, and it always surfaces above lies, as oil floats on water."
– Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Don Quixote

Born in Salamanca in 2001, Pablo is now halfway through his joint degree in Law and Translation Studies, still wondering what is going on and wandering forward, nonetheless. Having participated in a couple of Mini-MUNs during his first year in college, he has now decided that there is more to be done behind the scenes.

His objectives regarding participation in the Executive Committee are to help others enjoy the beauties of public speaking and having to defend their arguments in a friendly environment. It is a truly fascinating experience to see how a room full of people can get immersed in a certain topic. On a personal note, it is always useful to participate in the organization of an event such as MUNUSAL.

Pablo ExCOm.jpg
Anton Foto.jpg

Antón Reboredo Barreras


“If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.”

René Descartes

Antón Reboredo was born in the coastal city of Vigo, Galicia. He studied high school in Santiago de Compostela, where his interests in languages and politics were awakened, and is now pursuing degrees in Law and Global Studies in Salamanca. Nurturing his interests in international politics, he participated this year in the Spanish delegation to the United Nations Youth Assembly, based on the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda.



Last year he had his first MUN experience as a delegate in Munusal in the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and this year he decided to join the ExCom.


Rodrigo MAtías martín martín

“The most important step a man can take. It's not the first one, is it?
It's the next one. Always the next step, Dalinar.”
― Brandon Sanderson, Oathbringer

A Salamanca local, born in 1999 Rodrigo is making his comeback to Munusal's ExCom for the 2023 conferences after a year out. Graduated in political sciences and a UE-China relations master, he is a pasionate of conferences and international mobility, and when the president asked him to join her one more time, he could not refuse by any means.

Regarding his hobbies, he likes videogames, travels and parties, so as ExCom he will keep updated the webpage and as party people he will be willing to make Munusal's 2023 parties the bests of all Munusal history.

Rodri Foto.jpg

Àneu Muns Baró

"Don't feel stupid if you don't like what everyone else pretends to love" - Emma Watson

Àneu (also known as Neu) is a 19 year-old student from La Seu d'Urgell in Catalonia (Spain) born in Andorra. She is currently in the second year of Global Studies at the University of Salamanca.


After having done the scientific baccalaureate IB in Lleida she had a change of heart and found her passion for Law and International Relations. She attended the Youth Action Week 2022 in Strasbourg, France, for the campaign of the Council of Europe Youth Here: Democracy Now! as a delegate from the Servei Civil Internacional de Catalunya. 


Àneu started MUNing last year and after the enriching experience she had during it decided to join the Excom as a vocal. Her main goals are to give the newcomers a warm welcome and make them lose the same trembling shyness as the one she had the very first day she spoke in front of the UNHCR committee representing India.

Pablo T
Timón, Pablo - MUNUSAL Foto.jpg


“Wherever you go, go with all your Heart”, Confucius.

Pablo was born in Coria, a town in Extremadura, in 2000. When he was 16 he decided to get involved in social activism through volunteering in the animal shelter of his region and ended up being the vice-president and public relations of the Educational Assembly of the city he studied high school. At the age of 18, right after finishing high school and before starting university, he wanted to bring his social activism to the next level and worked a whole summer in Warsaw, Poland, as a volunteer in the European Solidarity Corps. After that experience, he started a BA in Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, but he had already realised that he wanted to devote his life to helping our world. Hence, he left that BA and enrolled in the one in Global Studies at the University of Salamanca.

Nowadays, after an Erasmus semester at the University of Tübingen (Germany) and graduating, he is studying a MA in International Development Studies at Utrecht University (the Netherlands).

He has been highly interested in MUNs since he started the BA in Global Studies, but the Covid-19 pandemic did not allow him to live the full experience until this year. Finally, he took part in the MUNUSAL 2022 as a delegate in the Organisation of American States and ended up being awarded the Best Delegate of his committee. After that and all the interest shown to help the organisation, he was invited to join the Executive Committee and realised that he could be the MUNUSAL direct link in Central Europe.



“We make our own fairytales” Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)

Jose Jaime was born in Salamanca in the year 2002, and since then he has shown interest in both music and international affairs. He is currently studying Law in Salamanca, at the same time that he finishes his piano studies. His fields of interest are international and private law; he started his degree wanting to become a diplomat, but now he is broadening his horizons. 


Jose Jaime´s MUN experience started with last year’s MUNUSAL, in which he participated as a delegate in the International Labour Organization. He liked the experience so much that he decided to join the Executive Committee. 


Jose Jaime loves playing the piano, reading, and guessing people´s zodiac sign. He works as a basketball referee and is obsessed with coffee, the 2000s culture and travelling.  

Jose Jaime Foto.jpg
Jose Jaime


"To test reality, we must see it on the tight-rope" – Oscar Wilde

Lucía is a small-town girl from the province of Salamanca (Martín de Yeltes), who has just turned 19 and is in her second year of the Global Studies degree.

Having chosen this academic path, she is interested in many of the areas that it covers (international relations, politics and law), besides from the things she enjoys the most from her free time: books, music, a good film, and spending quality time (could be either going out for a cute breakfast or a good party) with friends and family. Oh, and I almost forgot, she is a coffee enthusiast.

She found MUNUSAL 2021 to be a very enhancing experience regarding the learning of many skills, both academic and social ones. As much as she does not have a lot of experience in extracurricular activities, she has always dreamed of being part of something that she genuinely is comfortable with, and the ExCom of the MUNUSAL association seems to be a perfect choice for that (although she is quite nervous!)

She hopes to give the best of herself just like she hopes to enjoy this as much as she enjoyed being a delegate representing Thailand in the UNHCR during the previous conference.

Lucia Foto.jpg


“Even tough we come from different places and speak different languages our hearts beat like one” ~ Albus Dumbledore 

Fernando Zubieta Alonso (Zubi for friends) is a student from Santander (Cantabria) that is currently studying Global Studies at the university of Salamanca. 

Although he is a starter in the MUN world having had his first experience last year in Salamanca he is really excited about the project and is looking forward to increase his knowledge in the field from inside. 

I’m willing to encourage all the beginners to introduce themselves with the same emotion and expectation as I had when I was the Japanese delegate in one of the best experiences I have ever had. 

Best wishes “MunUsalers” 


“If you really want something, you don't stop for anyone or anything until you get it." - Blair Waldorf

Leticia Garay is coursing the second year of her Global Studies degree. She is particularly interested in public international law, political science, and international cooperation, toward human rights and equal opportunities. 

Originally from El Salvador, she had been involved in several volunteering programs and participated in three MUNs, and she's excited to join in more. 

In her free time, she enjoys watching Formula 1, reading mystery novels, and when she has the opportunity she really enjoys surfing. 

Leticia Foto.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2023-03-10 at 18.02.31.jpeg


“There´s always something for you to look at if you open your eyes!” ~ The Fifth Doctor, Doctor Who

Carlota Riveiro Fontán is a second-year student at the University of Salamanca. Originally from a little village in the coast of Sanxenxo (Galicia), she moved to Salamanca to study Law (and to miss the sea on a daily basis) and to follow a long-time dream to become a second-generation Elle Woods. 


She had previous experience from various MUN during her high school years, traveling to places such as Madrid and Oxford, and participating both as delegate and as chair. Last year´s MUNUSAL was her first time joining a university-level conference. She loved all of the aspects of the experience, and, given the chance, decided to participate from a new perspective. And here she is!


She hopes to encourage all newcomers to take part in MUNUSAL, looking for them to have such a great and marvelous time as she did when she was representing Belgium as a delegate in the UNHCR. 


Wishing all the best of luck!


Thibaud Antonio Frament Díaz

"Some people are so poor all they have is money" -Bob Marley

Former student of Global Studies in Salamanca, currently studying environmental management and education in Cantabria. MunUsal helps people to understand the complex processes and dynamics that happen in an institution as important as the United Nations, which shape the destiny of the whole world.


That's mainly the reason why he is here helping to organise it, because by doing so he can contribute with his little share to the fair development and understanding of such an important institution. Also he's here to have fun and to help you, so you can have a great time.

Tibo Foto.jpg
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