Ana Victoria Martín Corral

The doctor who only knows Medicine, not even Medicine knows. 
– José de Letamendi (Spanish physician)

Ana is a medical student now in her 6th and final year, enamoured with MUNs since she was allowed to participate in MUNUSAL at only 16 years old. While her medical studies clashed with her passion for MUNing in the first few years, the MUN virus came back with a vengeance and proved impossible to shake. She has now done almost 20 conferences, discovered many beautiful places (Berlin, Tübingen, Bonn, Leuven, Ljubljana, Mostar, Coimbra) and met fascinating people along the way. Having been Editor-in-Chief five times, she clearly enjoys the press team, but her favourite ‘regular’ committee has always been the Security Council (she of course loves the World Health Organization as well, duh).

This year she will take on the challenge of obtaining a medical degree, being President of MUNUSAL 2019 and preparing for the ultimate medical exam to land a residency spot. She plans to pursue a specialty in a surgical field. In the limited free time left to her, she intends to continue oversleeping, planning detailed trips far into the future, giving her all at karaoke, and generally being happy.

Having grown in Salamanca and remained home for university (with a one-year detour called Erasmus in the magnificent city of Florence), she is eager to welcome everybody to her hometown and to pass on her love both for the city and for MUNUSAL. She hopes to see you all next April!


Paloma Cuello Ferrero

Those who'll play with cats must expect to be scratched.
– Miguel de Cervantes

Born in Salamanca in 1995, Paloma soon moved to the small but welcoming town of Zamora, in the Northwest part of Castilla y León. However, six years ago, Paloma went back to her origins and moved to Salamanca to pursue her degree in Medicine and now she is a sixth-year Medical student. She is still unsure about whether to choose a medical or surgical specialty, but fortunately she does know which ones she dislikes.


Her MUN experience is short but intense—encouraged by a friend who will be the President for this next edition—she participated for the first time in MUNUSAL 2017 and after that, she applied for BerlinMUN 2017, which turned out to be one of the most rewarding MUN experiences. She also had the chance to participate in KULMUN 2018, enjoy the wonderful city of Leuven and meet old and new friends. Last year, Paloma was a member of the Executive Committee of MUNUSAL 2018, which brought her laughter, tears—those at the Closing Ceremony can give testimony of this—and lack of sleep beyond her means.


Now that her Medical school years are coming to an end, Paloma decided to stay in MUNUSAL for another edition and say a proper goodbye to the association that gave her the best moments by far of these last six years.

MUNUSAL (1).jpg

Pablo Moro Valbuena

Principles are like prayers, noble, of course, but awkward at a party.
– The Dowager Countess of Grantham, Downton Abbey

Pablo was born 22 years ago in the green and rainy northern region of Asturias, but in 2014, just after having graduated from secondary school, he decided to move to Salamanca in order to study Translation and Interpreting. One year later he would be living in southwestern Germany, where he enjoyed the old wonderful city of Heidelberg:  one of the best experiences of his life. But after eleven months of (intense) Erasmus experience it came the time to return to reality.


Back in Salamanca, he started studying Law and —thanks to MUNUSAL 2017— discovered the MUN world, where he immediately felt at home. In MUNUSAL 2017 he participated as member of the Press committee, and he enjoyed it son much that he resolved to apply for Editor-in-Chief one year later. As member of the Secretariat, he got more involved in the MUNUSAL world, so he decided to become part of the ExCom.


Other than loving taking part in MUNs, he enjoys reading random information about everything that is happening in the world or that happened at some point in the last centuries, travelling as much as he can and meeting friends. Well, and food. (This is also very important). Participating in a MUN is a good opportunity to do all that at the same time, so the only thing he regrets is not having discovered it before.


Alberto Pineda Alcántara

Don't be a hater, dear.
– Myrtle Snow

It was a cold April morning, and Alberto had no idea what was about to happen when he entered that room. It was something as addictive as cheese and as exciting as tequila. It was MUNUSAL, his first MUN conference, and though with different mixtures of nervousness and excitement, he has not stopped attending MUNs since then. He now lives in London, studying International Relations, but comes back every year for his two favourite events: MUNUSAL and Christmas. Both events have more in common that meets the eye, it’s an alcohol-fueled week that you spend arguing with family, or people who will feel like it by the end of the week, and most likely not reach any conclusion.

An eternal participant and moral supporter of MUNUSAL, he has this year decided to take a more active role with the ExCom. He has responsibility over two things at the conference: handling your money, and making sure Destiny's Child is sung at karaoke night.


He has found in MUNs a place to learn, debate, and above all, to bring people together. As valuable as the academic part of any MUN is, he places the same importance on building personal understanding and even friendships. He believes that with dialogue and respect we can attain our goals and improve our surroundings. The world is full of haters, be a MUNer instead.


Andrea Alonso Ibarra

Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.
– Rafiki, The Lion King

Andrea was born and raised in a small town in the Basque Country. She has been moving from one city to another since she turned 18. She started the studies of Translation and Interpreting close to her hometown. The year after she moved to the beautiful French city of Lyon and then she ended up in Salamanca, where she first discovered the MUN world and started studying Law. Last year she lived in Paris and fell in love with the city. This is her last year in Salamanca and hopefully she will finish both her degrees after a long period of six years.

She always has a very long to-do list. She can’t avoid engaging in thousands of activities related to her passion for international organisations. When she’s not, what she loves the most is travelling and discovering new places and cute coffee shops around the world (yes, she is addicted to coffee). She also enjoys art and she even worked at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

Her first experience in a MUN was as the French delegate in MUNUSAL 2016 and now his flatmate dragged her to join the ExCom. But even though she was peer pressured (just a little) she is looking forward to working with a wonderful team to make MUNUSAL 2019 an unforgettable experience. 

Elena Velar Rojo

Mistakes" is the word you're too embarrassed to use. You ought not to be. You're a product of a trillion of them. Evolution forged the entirety of sentient life on this planet using only one tool: the mistake.
– Robert Ford

Still figuring out how MUNs work, Elena is willing to make sure every participant enjoys Salamanca as much as she does. Born and raised in a small village far up in the north, she left for the depths of Castile to pursue a career in Translation and Law (while reminding herself that participating also counts).

Other than studying and complaining about how much she has to study, she enjoys dancing to folk music as a fellow member of The Shire, hating on romcoms and doodling (drawing sounds too professional when looking at the output). 

Only one edition of MUNUSAL was enough to draw her attention into this fascinating community of students that are busy enough but still have the time (or the guts) to engage in extracurricular shenanigans. Learning, meeting new people, working hard and partying are the four main attractions of this wonderful experience.

Helped by the best ExCom team somebody could wish for, she hopes (and knows for a fact) that this edition of MUNUSAL will be as compelling and edifying as the last one (but less than the next).


Francisco Rios Viñuela

Listen, in order to maintain air-speed velocity, a swallow needs to beat its wings forty-three times every second, right?
– Guard #1, Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Following a long personal tradition of having too much to do and then complaining about it, he participated in MUNUSAL 2017 as part of the press team. He went on to join the MUNUSAL delegation in KULMUN 2018 and was part of the ExCom in the 2018 edition of MUNUSAL.


Other than being part of the MUN family he loves music. He studied saxophone for 10 years in music school and after that went on to learn the tenor banjo, piano and guitar. He loves different genres such as Irish music, bluegrass, dixie jazz, blues, rock and a bunch of others. He is also a language geek and can (and probably will) tell you a “fun” fact about a given language if he catches you off-guard.


Even though this year he will be studying in Paris, he will remain part of the ExCom and will come back for the 2019 edition, because there is no cure for MUN addiction and accepting it is part of the process. 


He wants everyone to have a nice memory of MUNUSAL (and Salamanca too, of course) and will work together with the other ExCom members to make sure every delegate goes back home saying marvellous things about both the conference and the city.

Lía Castillo Suárez

Everything you see I owe to spaghetti.
– Sophia Loren

Lía was born in León, a small city with -according to her- the most beautiful cathedral and the best tapas in the world, from where she run away as soon as she could. No hard feelings.

She first discovered MUNs while attending to ESADE’s Law Summer School, but they made little impact on her. This changed last year, when she moved to Salamanca to pursue a degree on Law and discovered MUNUSAL.


Participating in 2018’s conference as a journalist, Lía fell in love with Model United Nations, especially with the Press Committee, which she strongly recommends.

Now a Technological Business Management and Computer Engineering student in the Pontifical University of Salamanca, this enthusiastic girl is ready to make MUNUSAL 2019 the best MUN ever!


Lucía Gómez de la Dehesa

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.
– Friedrich Nietzsche

Lucía was used to spend 2/3 parts of the day in a saddle, but this changed when she decided to study Law in Salamanca and she got to know MUNUSAL. It seems nothing will be the same again!


She never gets angry, well, hardly ever, and she enjoys talking about almost everything, as long as you're the one starting the conversation.


It is her second year in the ExCom, and if this next edition is anything like the past one, she will cry, laugh but overall have the time of her life: and she will try her best so that everyone does too.


Get ready for MUNUSAL 2019 because she is the one in charge of waking up the party animal that exists buried deep within all of you!


Rocío Hernández Domínguez

A thing named is a thing tamed.
– Joanne Harris

Rocío was born in 1999, in a cold winter day when fresh snow covered Salamanca’s golden streets. She deeply loves her city where she’s lived, learned and made friends from all over the world.

On the one hand she’s not overly fond of sports, animals or music, but on the other hand she makes up for it with an everlasting love for languages, different (and not always distant) cultures, books, videogames (and everything that allows her to shoot virtual arrows at things), sewing (strangely enough) and art and all things that are pretty. This is her second year studying politics while trying to start studying law (without too much success in the later endeavour, admittedly).


Working as a delegate in an international organisation has been Rocío’s dream-job since she can remember, so obviously she was quite over the moon when she discovered the existence of MUN’s the year before starting university and couldn’t wait to participate in her first mini-MUNs and MUNUSAL's 2018 edition. She absolutely adores debating, especially when the goal is not to win but to understand a different point of view and to reach a common conclusion –or not.  Her first MUN was an intense -albeit short- experience after which she decided to join the ExCom to make sure other people are able to enjoy MUNUSAL and her home city Salamanca as much as humanly possible (or more!).


Víctor Hernández Hernández

The hardest choices require the strongest wills.
– Thanos

Víctor was born in Salamanca in 1994. Currently, he's a student of Political Science and Public Administration at the University of Salamanca but he also studied Graphic Design and Building Projects (like Architecture). He first heard about MUNUSAL when a friend spoke about their experience there. He liked the idea and he didn't hesitate to join in. His first experience of MUNUSAL (it was a Mini-Mun about the "Junta de Valladolid") corroborated his decision to take part in the association.

His intentions in MUNUSAL are: improving his public speaking, meeting new people, learning to organise an association or group... all this things in pursuit of developing his Magnum Opus (life project): a new worldview or political philosophy. He thinks that the MUNUSAL experience and its contributions can help him in his project.


Apart from the MUN world and political aspirations, he loves music (discovering new music and some day, he would like to learn to play the drums). He also loves graphic design (his graphic design references are Peter Saville and Storm Thorgerson), art (Gian Lorenzo Bernini), philoshophy (Socrates and Nietzche)... He's willing to talk about any topic to satisfy his curiosity. He is looking foward to welcoming you in Salamanca next April.