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Elena Velar Rojo

"Evolution forged the entirety of sentient life on this planet using only one tool: the mistake".
– Robert Ford

Born and raised in a small coastal village in Cantabria, after a complicated decision-making process she decided to move to Salamanca to pursue a career in Translation and Law. Six years and many memorable experiences later, she is ready to close a chapter, and what better way to do so than organizing her fourth and last MUNUSAL. 

Looking forward, she is planning to become a lawyer, without ever forgetting the key role translators and interpreters play in our society. Other than studying and complaining about how much she has to study, she loves reading, playing board games, painting and trivia facts about random subjects. During lockdown and not surprisingly at all, she also unlocked a passion for baking, so going to the gym and staying healthy also became top priorities. 

Only one edition of MUNUSAL was enough to draw her attention into this fascinating community of students that are busy enough but still have the time (or the guts) to engage in extracurricular shenanigans. Learning, meeting new people, working hard and partying are the four main attractions of this wonderful experience.​ Helped by the best ExCom team somebody could wish for, she hopes (and knows for a fact) that this edition of MUNUSAL will be as compelling and edifying as the last one (but less than the next).


Paula Notivoli Cabezas

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
– Oscar Wide

Paula was born in a small village in the Pyrenees, Benasque. When she was only 15 years old, she decided to go abroad and study in Dublin for a year. After completing the breathtaking International Baccalaureate, moving to Salamanca, and studying Law for two years; she studies Global Studies and is sure she has found her place. This year she will be doing her Erasmus in Tübingen while still enjoy MUNing.

She discovered the world of MUNs in her first year of university, but it was not until her third year when she decided to participate in every miniMUN. Of course, she loved them and has enjoyed a couple of big MUNs since then.

Apart from her studies and MUN experiences, Paula is a cheerful girl, you will always find her with a smile on her face! She likes spending her free time with her friends having a beer but, if the weather does not allow it, she likes cooking delicious dishes or reading a book with a cup of coffee. At her hometown, she enjoys skiing in the picturesque landscapes of the Pyrenees.

She was heartbroken when MUNUSAL 2020 was cancelled and is now more than prepared to make MUNUSAL 2021 one for the books.

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Cristina Palacios Garrote

Think, believe, dream and dare.
– Ratatouille

Cristina was born in 2000 in the cold and cute little town of Burgos. She is a second-year bachelor’s student of Global Studies. Within her field of education, she is particularly interested in how migration can be managed, education and history.

Cristina got sucked into the MUN world in February 2019, after taking part in her first mini-MUN. She did not give a second thought when applying for MUNUSAL 2019, though her participation was higher in the socials than in the caucus, she would not change the experience.


Cristina is a sweet lover, when she is not tagging her friends in the sweetest instagram and twitter giveaways, she is in the kitchen baking delicious desserts. Besides finding her in the kitchen baking, you can easily find her at any party, especially at the most local ones drinking Calimocho, her favorite drink, a very Spanish and simple one: Coca-Cola + Wine.


Rocío Hernández Domínguez

A thing named is a thing tamed.
– Joanne Harris

Rocío was born in 1999, in a cold winter day when fresh snow covered Salamanca’s golden streets. She deeply loves her city where she’s lived, learned and made friends from all over the world.

On the one hand she’s not overly fond of sports, animals or music, but on the other hand she makes up for it with an everlasting love for languages, different (and not always distant) cultures, books, videogames (and everything that allows her to shoot virtual arrows at things), sewing (strangely enough) and art and all things that are pretty. This is her second year studying politics while trying to start studying law (without too much success in the later endeavour, admittedly).


Working as a delegate in an international organisation has been Rocío’s dream-job since she can remember, so obviously she was quite over the moon when she discovered the existence of MUN’s the year before starting university and couldn’t wait to participate in her first mini-MUNs and MUNUSAL's 2018 edition. She absolutely adores debating, especially when the goal is not to win but to understand a different point of view and to reach a common conclusion –or not.  Her first MUN was an intense -albeit short- experience after which she decided to join the ExCom to make sure other people are able to enjoy MUNUSAL and her home city Salamanca as much as humanly possible (or more!).


Lía Castillo Suárez

Everything you see I owe to spaghetti.
– Sophia Loren

Lía was born in León, a small city with -according to her- the most beautiful cathedral and the best tapas in the world, from where she run away as soon as she could. No hard feelings.

She first discovered MUNs while attending to ESADE’s Law Summer School, but they made little impact on her. This changed last year, when she moved to Salamanca to pursue a degree on Law and discovered MUNUSAL.


Participating in 2018’s conference as a journalist, Lía fell in love with Model United Nations, especially with the Press Committee, which she strongly recommends.

Now a Technological Business Management and Computer Engineering student in the Pontifical University of Salamanca, this enthusiastic girl is ready to make MUNUSAL 2021 the best MUN ever!


Andrea Chamorro González

Although she doesnt want to be bad, she will destroy you in name of peace. 
– Pascu & Rodri, Hestia

Andrea was born in 1998 coinciding with the day of the French Revolution.

She began the career of Political Science at the University of Salamanca and there he found his vocation: international relations. Her major speciality is Africa and over time he is expanding her knowledge to other themes and regions. She has the ambition to constantly know what is happening in the world. Last year she participated in MUNUSAL representing the Republic of Malta. This year she has joined our EXCOM as a mistress of social networks.

His favorite hobbies are reading, playing video games and talking using references. In short, she drinks coffee and knows things.


Estibaliz Delgado Olivera

Knowledge is power
– Unknown person

Estibaliz, is a cheerful young adult who was raised on a humble city located in the north of Spain, Leon. She decided to move from the North to Salamanca and nowadays she is attending the second year in both degrees Law and Politics in the University of Salamanca.

As she loves meeting new people and wanted to debate about the most controversial worldwide issues she moved to this historical city inquiring into being part of a team and surprisingly founded MUNUSAL!

Estibaliz participated in BIMUN 2018, considering it as an incredible first experience as a member in the trilingual committee in the G20. As a second contact with MUN she was part of the European Council in MUNUSAL 2019.

Out in spare time, She loves making sure she always has time to sport! As she considers that mind and body should be fusion on wealth to be glad. Furthermore she is passionate for travelling- nor without adventure time- to explore, meet and go through new enriching cultures, as a reward on her own daily life.

Being part of the MUNUSAL ExCom she is looking forward to have fun, wishing to attain an interesting knowledge about the worlds’ quandary and, of course, an amazing group of unforgettable people whose fanaticism for debating truss up them forever.


Ángela Hernández González

Ángela -MUNUSAL.jpg
You have great ideas, your ideas.
– Barbie

Ángela was born in Salamanca in 1999. Currently, she is a third-year law student who has no clue about what she wants to do after she is done with her degree. She hopes to make up her mind doing an Erasmus next year.

She is the middle child of a family of three sisters. Ángela got to know MUNUSAL thanks to her older sister, who is a MUN lover. Her first MUN experience was a MiniMUN about prostitution. After that, she participated two consecutive years as a delegate in MUNUSAL. Representing Cuba in the Human Rights Council was especially fun.

Apart from MUNUSAL, another life-changing experience was a trip she took around Europe last year with her friends. Ángela holds special memories of Munich and Zagreb. Some other facts about her are that she likes listening to podcasts, her favorite color is yellow, and she drinks tons of water a day. In her free time, she also loves going out with her friends and taking cozy naps.

This year she decided last minute to join the Ex-Com and she is more that excited to see MUNUSAL behind the scenes. She hopes to make MUNUSAL an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone.


Rodrigo Matías Martín Martín

Never be cruel, never be coward, and never ever eat pears! Run fast, laught hard, be kind.
– The Doctor

Born in Salamanca in 1999, he is at 4th year of Political Science degree, and deeply interested in geopolitical conflicts, especially at the eastern Asia ones. After this last year at Salamanca he doesn’t know exactly what he is going to do, but he wants to go to Barcelona or Japan. But the things that he really loves to do are play videogames and the Netflix marathon days.

Introduced in MUN by his friends, and after participate in his first MiniMUN he doesn’t think twice before participating at MUNUSAL 2019 in the Europe Council, an amazing, but short, experience that make he wants to join the ExCom to make another people to feel the amazing experience that he enjoyed.


Víctor Hernández Hernández

You can sit on the throne , that doesnt make you a ruler , only means you have an arse.
– Jericho Swain

Víctor was born in Salamanca in 1994. Currently, he's a student of Political Science and Public Administration at the University of Salamanca but he also studied Graphic Design and Building Projects (like Architecture). He first heard about MUNUSAL when a friend spoke about their experience there. He liked the idea and he didn't hesitate to join in. His first experience of MUNUSAL (it was a Mini-Mun about the "Junta de Valladolid") corroborated his decision to take part in the association.

His intentions in MUNUSAL are: improving his public speaking, meeting new people, learning to organise an association or group... all this things in pursuit of developing his Magnum Opus (life project): a new worldview or political philosophy. He thinks that the MUNUSAL experience and its contributions can help him in his project.


Apart from the MUN world and political aspirations, he loves music (discovering new music and some day, he would like to learn to play the drums). He also loves graphic design, art , philoshophy ... He's willing to talk about any topic to satisfy his curiosity. He is looking foward to welcoming you in Salamanca next April.


María Lagares Romay

Foto maria web.jpg
“There’s always a bigger fish.”
— Qui-Gon Jinn

María was born in Galicia in the year 2000, she lived in a really small village next to the city until her last year of high school when she decided to spend a year in the US. After her experience in the States her life plans changed completely and she went from wanting to study arts in her old city to starting Global Studies in Salamanca. In a future she hopes to also study Law.

María’s experience with Munusal is really short, being 2019’s edition her first one as a representative In the security council, that’s when she fell in love with Munusal and decided to join the Executive Committee.

During her free time she enjoys reality shows, Star Wars movies and playing tennis. You can always find her at the socials asking for some tequila.

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Celia Rodríguez Romero

Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself
-Harvey Stephens

Born in 2000 in Madrid. Moved from the big city and fell in love with the small town of Salamanca. Where she currently studies law and politics. Yet, she’s still looking up to move out of Spain at a time. Passionate about international law and institutions, MUN’s seem to fit right in with her pursuits.

Going for her second year of college, and more than motivated to continue with her MUN track. Which started a year ago when she decided to jump in, going to her first conference, BIMUN/SINUB eV. Overall, MUN’s so far have been nothing but rewarding. Not only because of the learning process that comes along with it, but also because of the amazing people that she’s gotten to meet throughout her short but intense MUN experience.

For this upcoming year 2019/2020, she’s getting even more involved in this MUN world by entering the Executive Committee of MUNUsal. As a new member of it, she’ll be working with the rest of the ExCom to make MUNUsal 2020 one for the books.


Marta Soria Rayos

If modernity has a motto, it is ‘shit happens’
– Yuval Noah Harari, Homo Deus: A History of Tomorrow

Marta is a curious young adult who was born in 2001 in a seaside city called Torrevieja, in southeast Spain. She has always expressed her willingness and concerns to learn things related to Law and Politics, therefore MUNUSAL was nothing but what she was looking for.

At first, she was not able to decide what she wanted to study – nor even where – and it was not after she participated in an Erasmus+ scholarship in Frankfurt that she realised her dream was to devote to international and controversial issues. That is the reason why she finally decided to move to Salamanca to pursue a degree in Translation and Law, a dream come true.

She is a current second-year student in the University of Salamanca, whose dream is to work for the European Union in any possible way, so she is considering doing an Erasmus next year. She fell in love with Salamanca as soon as she walked down the the very first day until she fell in love with MUNUSAL and decided to join the Executive Committee.

Moving to Salamanca was a huge life-changing decision but was totally worth it. She could have not found a better place and colleagues to be with. Some other facts about her are that she plays basketball – although people do not believe it at first – and she is a big fan of How I Met Your Mother.

Enrolling every single course or associations that draws her attention without having enough time to do it all at once, she is looking forward to giving her best and will surely make every second count.

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Paula bercedo

“I only know that I know nothing” -Socrates

Paula was born in Cantabria, a small region in the north of Spain. When she was 15 years old, she left her house and her family to do a Rotary Exchange in South Carolina, US. She realized at that time that she loved meeting new people and discovering other cultures. This experience scarred her so much that it encouraged her to repeat it, this time after high school, still only aged 17. She spent another year of her life abroad, this time in Normandy, France. This last adventure motivated her to enroll in the Global Studies degree in the University of Salamanca where she also discovered MUNUSAL.


Paula started participating in MiniMuns during her first year in university and she basically fell in love with the model, the people and the atmosphere. She was very disappointed when MUNUSAL 2020 was cancelled, and she did everything to participate in other MUNs, like the BIMUN/SINUB’20 that she very much enjoyed. 


This is Paula’s first year in the EXCOM, and she is ready to work hard to make everyone enjoy their experience at MUNUSAL