Secretariat 2022
XIV edition

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Mariana Rivas Salazar

Secretary General

Originally from Venezuela, Mariana is a Political Science and Art History student at the University of Bonn, where she is a proud member of the association BIMUN/SINUB. Mariana started MUNing during high school and, after realising it was more than just playing dress-up, she dived into the exciting MUN world. She has attended several conferences across the world as a delegate, Executive Committee member, Chair and, now, as Secretary General.

After the great online edition of MUNUSAL 2021, Mariana is eager to welcome you in April in the beautiful city of Salamanca for MUNUSAL 2022 to get to know the city, have fruitful debates, meet with old and new friends and, last but definitely not least, dance the night away to reggeaton.


Sofie Haljan Schoors

Deputy Secretary General

A 21 year Belgian Canadian from Leuven, Sofie is a Master of History with a focus on Women’s and Indigenous rights; now, broadening her academic horizon with studies in Comparative International Relations.

After her first steps in the wonderful world of MUN through KULMUN in 2018, she has attended multiple conferences as a delegate, ExCom member and Chair. Sofie, as Deputy Secretary General, together with her amazing Secretary General Mariana, cannot wait to receive you in the beautiful city of Salamanca, introduce you to the one and only Patricia and, of course, see you thrive in debates together with friends new and old.



You could be a Chair at Munusal 2022 too!