Hanne Pollet

Secretary General

Ambiroix Feliz Brito

Under Secretary General

Nicolás Herrero Folley
UNSC Chair

Karim Abada
UNSC Chair

Maria Vassiliadou

Malte Christoph Westphal

Alejandro Esteso Perez
Presidente CI

Cristina Chacón Armayor

Presidenta CI

Saksith Saiyasombut
Editor in Chief

Eduardo Álvarez López
Vice Editor in Chief



Once upon an amazing day in sunny August, it was a black day in Belgian history : the funeral of King Baudouin of Belgium. However a sparkle of light was spotted as well because the little miracle currently known as Hanne was born. Whenever she was asked what she wanted to become when she grew up, she shouted: “I want to become a green pea”. Even though she ended up becoming a vegetarian, obviously her ambition was not to become a vegetable. She just felt determined to save whales on the Rainbow Warrior but little did she know that Green Peace activists aren’t named ‘green peas’

As years went by, sadly that ambition vanished but activism still has a special place in her heart.

During her numerous attempts to make the world a better place, a young Hanne discovered the magic world of simulations and youth politics at the age of 16. She’s been suffering from the MUN virus ever since. Nowadays she’s a KULMUN alumni member who loves chairing around the globe, a minister in the Flemish Youth Parliament and on top of that she is extremely proud to be able to say she is the Secretary General of MUNUSAL 2016. 

As the great Tim Minchin taught her a long time ago, Hanne likes to define herself by what she loves. That includes campfires, her little sister and Jaco van Dormael movies.

When not devoting her time to any of those, she divides what is left of it to her other favorite things, namely hiding behind law books at Ghent university, Belgium and traveling around the world to broaden her horizons as much as possible.

As Secretary General of MUNUSAL 2016 she aspires this conference to be one which every single delegate will remember forever. A conference where experienced MUNers get new challenges to tackle and where new delegates will get addicted to the great way of discovering new horizons that is called MUN.



Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Ambiorix has been involved to the exciting MUN´s world since 2002. Over the last decade, both his academic and professional background have been inspired by the revolution of these activities in his country (where an entire generation of young people have been influenced since then).

 Being outgoing and quite talkative has worked well for him; so far he has participated in approximately 20 conferences both at national and international level, rolling from Delegate to Secretary General. He has represented the Dominican civil society to several meetings before the Human Rights Council, particularly observing the Universal Periodical Review (UPR) mechanism. He holds a Master in International Relations (with specialization in Political Economy of Development) and currently resides between Barcelona, Spain and Sheffield, United Kingdom.




Honorable Delegates,

Allow me introduce myself. I am Nicolas H. Folley, a Law student at Oviedo University with a vocation for International Law, Diplomacy and International Relations. I have been participating in simulations for four years and have done so as both delegate and chair. My passion for such events has brought me to places such as Vienna (MEU Wien ’14) or Scotland (Discover2Inspire ’14), Madrid, and, of course, Oviedo MUN, where I now help organize this year’s simulation. 

I consider Diplomacy to be the tool used to improve the standard of living of each and every one of us. I expect from you, dear delegates, to have a productive debate in one of the most respectable bodies of the United Nations, using Diplomacy as a tool to make this world a better place. 

Hoping to meet you all soon,

Nicolás H. Folley 




Karim Abada is a 21-year old Egyptian university student currently majoring in Political Science and Minoring in History at the University of Tübingen. His MUN Career started back in 2010 and he has since undergone many positions in many councils, both as a chair and as a delegate. 

MUNUSAL will be his 4th chairing experience overall and he is very excited for it. Aside from  MUNing, Karim’s hobbies include Field Hockey, Football, Music, and Traveling. He is very much looking forward to having you in the United Nations Security Council at MUNUSAL 2016.




My name is Maria Vasileiadou and I study International and European Studies in University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, Greece. My MUN addiction started back in 2012 and since then I have participated in several Model United Nations Conferences in Greece and in Europe. It is a great honor to have the chance to chair this year’s Munusal committee of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). It is my pleasure to assure you that I will do my best so as to contribute to making this conference an unforgettable experience for everyone . Bearing in mind our committee agenda, we will have to stand ready to attempt approaching as efficiently as possible problems that are very challenging for our world. Let’s give diplomacy a chance to bring the best of ourselves and make every minute during this conference count.




My Name is Malte Christoph Westphal and I am currently doing my Master in IT-Management and -Consulting at the University of Hamburg, Germany. I have been into MUN since April 2014 and my first conference was HolylandMUN in July 2014. Furthermore I took part as a delegate at several other MUNs and was Secretary General of HamMUN 2015. I am looking forward to have the opportunity to chair at MUNUSAL for the first time and give everyone a exceptional and maybe even inspirational experience.




My name is Alejandro and it is my pleasure to introduce myself as part of the Chairmanship in Cumbre Iberoamericana at MUNUSAL this year. Born and raised in Valencia, I am currently being polished in Madrid as a third-year student of International Relations, thanks to which I have gotten to know -and fall in deep love with- the MUN concept (also, I have this strange fixation on representing small countries… why the US when you can be a proud delegate of Albania?). Fond of History, languages and maps. And please, do challenge me to a capitals quiz. ¡Nos vemos en abril!




I am Cristina Chacón, graduate in Law and with a Master of access to legal practice. Currently I am a second year Criminology student. I am a member of the student association OVImun and the team TEDxOviedoUniversity. I landed in the MUN world three years ago, due to – I guess as the majority of you here – the interest I had towards economy, politics, law and international relations. This fascination only grows, especially in the current international geopolitical environment. MUNUSAL 2016 will be my eight simulation, the fifth as chair. This edition I will chair the Cumbre Iberoamericana along with Alejandro. This body constitutes a unique context to treat topics as controversial as the creation of support mechanisms for Colombia with regards to their post-conflict period. I trust that you will learn and enjoy yourselfves, and I am sure you will not forget this experience. ¡Nos vemos en Abril!




Saksith Saiyasombut is a Thai political blogger and freelance foreign correspondent. He extensively writes and comments on Thailand’s often tumultuous political scene for the regional news website Asian Correspondent since 2010.

Saksith has worked as a TV correspondent at Channel NewsAsia’s Bangkok bureau, covering developing stories and breaking news in Thailand and Myanmar, such as the 2011 Thai General Elections, the Thai flood crisis in 2011 and the visits of US President Barack Obama to Bangkok and Yangon (Myanmar) in 2012). He has also appeared on international media outlets such as Al Jazeera English, BBC World News, ABC News 24, France 24 and DW News as an analyst and commentator. Prior to blogging, Saksith worked as a local reporter in his hometown Bremen, Germany, and also worked as an editorial assistant for Asia News Network in Bangkok, Thailand.

Saksith currently splits his time between Bangkok and Hamburg (Germany), where he served as Deputy Head of Press at HamMUN 2015. 

”I’m looking forward to work at the MUNUSAL 2016 edition of The Globe. It will not only keep delegates up to date about the going-ons during the conference, but I also see it as a vital tool to provide them feedback, just as much as the work of real-life diplomats is being reflected by the the press.“ 




I’m Eduardo Álvarez, at the moment I’m working in a regional newspaper while I finish my thesis to end the Degree of Journalism. I bet on a formation outside the University, that is why I’ve been travelling as much as I could and the reason why I’m participating in this event.

I’m passionate for International Journalism, and I still think that the politics can help to improve the life of the citizens, in part thanks to the press, because if the media is not there, it doesn’t exist.

I’m a cheerful person, proactive and motivated always willing to enjoy new experiences. 

Discover is my word.