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Secretariat 2019


Jaqueline Wendel

Secretary General

Jaqueline is a political science and psychology student from Bonn. To MUNUSAL she will be travelling from Geneva where she will be spending her ERASMUS semester already getting a scent of that real UN air. In High School she discovered MUNs and has seen many different sides of them, taking part as a delegate as well as member of the Secretariat and the Excom.


Now taking on the role of Secretary General at MUNUSAL 2019 she is very excited to work with all the amazing people involved in the organization of the conference and is eager to hopefully provide an unforgettable experience for all the future participants.


In the little time she does not spend involved in MUNs you can probably find Jaqueline in the kitchen as she loves to bake but as she is not much of a cake eater herself she is always more than happy to share with her (MUN) friends. But you might as well find her sitting snuggled on her couch with a book or singing and dancing around in her apartment.


If you ask her April cannot come around soon enough and she is very much looking forward to the adventures MUNUSAL 2019 will bring.


Borja Pampillón Rial

Deputy Secretary General

Borja has graduated in Bachelor and Business Administration and Marketing in Camilo José Cela University (Madrid). He participated in several MUNs both as a delegate and as a chair both in Spain and abroad, in countries such as Germany or Turkey He is going to be Secretary General for MiMUN 2018 and Deputy Fundraiser for Madrid WorldMUN 2019. The thing he enjoys the most about MUNing outside Spain is meeting new people and new ways of organizing and doing MUNs and different simulations.

Now he’s trying to figure out what to do for the upcoming year (to master or to work, that’s the question). He is especially interested in negotiation, strategy and conflict resolution, both regarding private business and international affairs.

Outside MUNs he likes videogames (enough to do a thesis about the impact they have on the marketing strategy of the electronic companies) long walks in Madrid and going out with his friends and he is very passionate about cars, beer and his cats.

He is looking forward to meeting everybody in April in Salamanca for MUNUSAL 2019.


Konstantina Nathanail

Your overnight success story is always a result of everything you've done in your life until that moment.
— Bel Pesce
UNSC Chair

Konstantina will have the honour to serve as the Chair of the MUNUSAL 2019 Security Council. 

She was born and raised in Greece, where she attended an international German school, and a few years ago she moved to Berlin, in order to pursue her law studies. Right now she finds herself in Geneva, where she devotes her specialization year to Transnational and European Law.

This will be her second time chairing the Security Council in Salamanca, and she could not be more excited! She hope to offer the delegates an even more amazing experience this year, and she looks forward to seeing MUNUSAL 2019 unfold!

Rebecca Portraits  (19 von 46).jpg

Rebecca Gösker

UNSC Chair
The conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking.
— John Kenneth Galbraith, Canadian economist

Rebecca Gösker will be chairing the United Nations Security Council in this edition of MUNUSAL. She is a Bachelor graduate of Political Science at the University of Vienna. Currently, she is completing an internship in Stuttgart, Germany. She was born in Singapore, but soon moved to China, where she spent the majority of her childhood. Seven years ago, she moved to Austria, where she completed high school and university. The next steps in her life will hopefully include an internship with an EU-delegation, before commencing her Master studies.

Rebecca’s first experience with political simulations was in high school, where she delegated and chaired in various EU Parliament simulations. She was introduced to MUN simulations in her university years and, needless to say, it quickly developed into a quasi passion. Delegating, in her opinion, offers the opportunity to test and improve one’s research and rhetoric skills, learn through debate, and travel to countless new countries (this will be her first time in mainland Spain). MUNs are a platform for young and inspired minds to share ideas, delve into new perspectives, and push limits of convention. As clichéd as that may sound, it really is a place to expand horizons and learn to scrutinise the systems with which we have become so complacent. 

Rebecca is an avid reader of historical novels, as well as sci-fi dystopias (two interestingly polar opposites). MUNs combine her greatest passion, travelling, and her intense interest in international affairs and global politics.  Every conference, regardless as delegate or chair, introduces her to new or unfamiliar topics, and this edition will be no exception. She looks forward to working with the MUNUSAL ExCom and Secretariat and meeting all the delegates!


Karim Abada


Karim Abada is a 24 year old MUN aficionado who is now in the twilight of both his bachelors studies (in political science and history) and his MUNing career. Having grown up in various different countries and cultures, in addition to being an Egyptian who still continues to be inspired by both the arab spring and the feats that diplomacy can and does accomplish and achieve in a daily basis, the draw of an MUN conference was always going to be as equally hard to as the inevitable end of this magnificent journey will be difficult. 

As chair of UNESCO, Karim is hoping for an exciting and vibrant debate in one of the UN’s rather underrated and unnoticed organizations, that still continues to hold much untapped potential. Outside of MUNing, Karim enjoys listening to music (Acoustic and Jazz, as well as Our Music and Classical Arabic), reading (the likes of Naguib Mahfouz, Jeffrey Archer, Peter Frankopan and Mark Manson) and playing pretty much any sport. He’s always up for a philosophical discussion about life and its purpose, or if you feel like having a heated debate; the question of whether Pineapple belongs within a 12-meter radius of Pizza - regardless of whether its late at night or early in the morning!


Ole Peters


Ole is studying French law and German law, currently at a university in the suburbs of Paris. He is about to finish his fourth semester abroad before starting a year and a half long preparation for the First German state law exam, because, as Pinterest told him, you first have to go through hell before you can dance on the clouds.

Ole grew up in the far north east of Germany, right on the Baltic sea. Since most Germans do not even know that this region exists, he is advocating with passion for his home, which is not only the most beautiful region of Germany, but also has the most attractive name: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

At the age of 16, Ole decided to go abroad and was sent to Santa Barbara in the USA, which he now considers as his second hometown. However, due to political circumstances, he has decided to rather explore lots of other countries, at least until 2020, before going back.

After his school graduation, Ole worked for one year in a retirement home in France, which taught him not only to appreciate that he can walk, eat and go to the smallest room in the house independently, but also that this will all change one day, no matter what.

Besides MUNing, Ole likes to go on bike trips, hike in the woods and is very interested in classical music. He also likes to pour milk over his ice cream, which has so far only caused shocked reactions from all people he has ever met.


It will be the first time that he sets foot on the beautiful city of Salamanca and can’t wait for the conference.

Ana María
Ana Maria Buttkus.jpg

Ana Maria Buttkus Ocampo

Presidenta del Consejo de Europa

Ana estudió derecho internacional y ahora está estudiando para el examen del Staatsexamen y así poder ejercer. Nacida y criada en Cali, Colombia, se mudó a Alemania hace 5 años para continuar sus estudios. Primero vivió en Heidelberg, luego en Dresde y, desde el pasado otoño, Ana vive en Münster. El moverse por Alemania le ha dado la oportunidad de conocer a gente de distintos orígenes y a apreciar el valor de la diversidad y el diálogo constructivo.


Ana participa en los MUN desde que estaba en sexto de primaria. Ha sido delegada, presidenta de comité y también parte del comité ejecutivo en varias ocasiones en diversas conferencias. Estas experiencias han tenido una gran influencia en su vida y han desempeñado un papel decisivo en su decisión de estudiar derecho internacional. No obstante, la razón por la cual a Ana le entusiasman los MUN es que permiten conocer a gente con distintos intereses que está dispuesta a trabajar junta para conseguir un objetivo común.


En su tiempo libre Ana hace voluntariado para distintas iniciativas que fomentan el intercambio intercultural, como ELSA o el proyecto flying home for the elderly. También le encanta leer literatura latinoamericana, viajar y el patinaje sobre hielo.


Corentin Larmoire Roussel

Presidente Consejo de Europa

Corentin es un estudiante francés de Tours, en el centro de Francia. Cuando no está estudiando derecho francés, o español e inglés y sus sistemas jurídicos viaja y estudia todo lo que puede sobre el derecho internacional y las crisis geopolíticas. Empezó en los MUNs en 2014 y durante 4 años ha disfrutado de la vida de delegado en varias conferencias en Europa. Después de una decena de MUNs como delegado, su carrera de presidente empezó en Berlín en agosto 2018.


Pasó tiempo en Cartagena como “au-pair” durante 6 meses, y así nació su acento terrible en español y su pasión por la lengua española.


Le gusta leer, viajar y escuchar música, como a todo ser humano. Lo más raro sobre Corentin es que su sueño es un “crossover” entre Harry Potter y la OTAN, sus dos temas favoritos.


Le apetece vivir la experiencia MUNUSAL con vosotros en su primer MUN en español. Vivir la adicción de MUN en España le parece otra manera de compartir, y presidir es compartir. Os espera a todos en Salamanca para ampliar su familia MUN.


Lía Castillo Suárez

Editor in Chief
If you like laws and sausages, you should never watch either one being made.
— Otto von Bismarck

Lía was born in León, a small city with -according to her- the most beautiful cathedral and the best tapas in the world, from where she run away as soon as she could. No hard feelings.

She first discovered MUNs while attending to ESADE’s Law Summer School, but they made little impact on her. This changed last year, when she moved to Salamanca to pursue a degree on Law and discovered MUNUSAL.

Participating in 2018’s conference as a journalist, Lía fell in love with Model United Nations, especially with the Press Committee, and this love made her brave enough to not only be Editor in Chief but also a member of the ExCom.

Although she fell out of love with law, she still truly, madly, deeply loves MUNs, so now a Technological Business Management and Computer Engineering student in the Pontifical University of Salamanca, this enthusiastic girl is ready to make of The Globe the committee everybody wants to be a part of!


Ivana Širinić 

Editor in Chief
Life is just a series of obstacles preventing you from taking a nap.
— Anonymous

Ivana Širinić is a student of German and Russian language and literature in Zagreb, her hometown. She got sucked into the MUN world in September 2017, and has since taken part in several simulations as a delegate and as a member of the press team. She was presented with two Best Journalist awards. This will be her first time participating in a non-Balkan MUN, but not her first time as Editor-in-Chief.


Aside from speaking Croatian, English, German and Russian, she has decided to take up a Spanish course this year. Languages are her passion as she believes that the knowledge of more than one language opens up numerous opportunities and increases multitasking abilities, as you toggle from one language to another. Having a broader perspective and various sources of information is essential for keeping up with the fast-paced and ever-changing world we live in.


Having an insatiable hunger for information, she finds the Media Team suitable for her. Especially because it allows her to be in more places at once and provides her with gossip at all times.


In her free time Ivana binge watches TV shows and reads Russian literature. She never misses an opportunity for an adventure and pushes herself to get out of her comfort zone. Her travel experiences vary from participating in projects such as Green Activist Training in Brussels to camping for 8 days in Budapest on a music festival. Her mind is filled with meme references and her goals include learning enough Spanish to be able to respond to the question: «¿Donde está la biblioteca?»

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