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Secretariat 2021

XIII edition


Corentin Larmoire Roussel

Secretary General

Corentin is a French student from Tours, in central France. When he is not studying the French law, Spanish and English languages ​​and their legal systems, he travels and study everything he can about international law and geopolitical crises. He started on MUNs in 2014 and for 4 years has enjoyed the life of a delegate in several councils in Europe. After a dozen of MUNs as delegate, his career as president began in Berlin in August 2018.


He spent time in Cartagena as an "au-pair" for 6 months, and thus his terrible accent in Spanish was born and his passion for the Spanish language. 


He likes to read, travel and listen to music, as every human. The weirdest thing about Corentin is that his dream is a "crossover" of Harry Potter and NATO, his two favorite themes.


He wants to live the experience of MUNUSAL with you for his first MUN in Spanish. Live the MUN addiction in Spain seems to him like another way to share, and to preside is to share. He waits for you all to expand the family of the MUNs.


See you in Salamanca!


Martina Bo

Deputy Secretary General

Martina is a second-year dual master student at Sciences Po in Paris and Bocconi University in Milan, pursuing a degree in European Affairs and Policy Evaluation. Class 1997, Milanese by birth but citizen of the world by adoption: she has crossed borders several times thanks to volunteering experiences in Peru and Indonesia, school exchanges in India, the USA, the UK and Spain, and an internship at the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Dominican Republic.


Striving to recreate the international atmosphere encountered abroad and the desire to confront herself with other international relations, diplomacy-addicted individuals, she joined in 2015 MILMUN: her very own MUN Society, eventually serving as its President. Since then, she has eagerly participated as a delegate, Chair, Secretary General and Executive Committee member in numerous conferences at European level. 


After a great edition in 2018, she can’t be more honoured and excited than coming back to Salamanca as Deputy Secretary General for MUNUSAL’s 2020 edition. She is looking forward to welcoming future participants to the family, seeing them debate as if there were no tomorrow (no for real, climate change is true), or dance the night away on one of Spain’s universally recognised heritages: reggaeton hits. 

picture Nick.jpg

Nick Stollenwerk

UNSC Chair

Joining Larissa as chair of the Historical Security Council is Nick. After graduating as a conference interpreter at the University of Leuven, Nick has started his career as a language coach and a freelance interpreter and translator. After getting a first taste of chairing experience at our partner conference BIMUN, he is over the moon to return (albeit virtually) to MUNUSAL, where he participated as a delegate in 2019.  


Next to MUNs, Nick is passionate about craft beers, travelling and practicing his foreign language skills, so don’t hesitate to have a chat with him at one of the socials!  


Larissa Saar

UNSC Chair

After studying at the University of Bonn and Trinity College Dublin, Larissa has recently started to pursue a PhD at Humboldt-University Berlin. She has been attending MUN conferences across Europe for several years now. After participating at her home conferenceduring her bachelor studies, she has occupied almost any position there is, from delegate to ExCom member, journalist to chair and Deputy Secretary General. It is her pleasure now to, at least virtually, come to Salamanca for a second time, to chair the Historical Security Council.

MUNs perfectly combine her interest in international relations with her passion for traveling and discovering new places she knows little about. Therefore, she is looking forward to return to MUNUSAL and meet old and new friends there.

Foto Sara.png

Sara Osuna Granda


A Spanish and southern lover of the 1990s, Sara studied Translation and Interpreting and Law in her beloved Salamanca. After her Master's degree in EU law and in the middle of a pandemic, she moved to Luxembourg in order to work as a lawyer in a Maltese law firm.

Sara started MUNing to improve her English and immediately fell in love. She attended conferences in Berlin, Leuven, Bonn and her hometown Oviedo. Throughout her short but extensive experience as a delegate, she loved representing Middle Eastern countries and is always looking forward to the heated debates and enthusiastic atmosphere.

Outside of MUNing, Sara is a big fan of the Star Wars franchise and funny Youtube videos. She also loves listening to Arabic songs and can easily memorize the lyrics without understanding any word. She likes meeting other good natured individuals and she is excited to meet you all in MUNUSAL 2021!

Chair unesco 1.png

Tomas Sielaff Álvarez


Tomas estudia Historia en la Universidad Humboldt de Berlín y ha participado en diversos MUN en los últimos 9 años. Nacido y criado en Brasil, lo que lo convierte en un entusiasta estereotipado del fútbol, es un fan acérrimo de los MUN y un charlatán confeso. Está muy emocionado porque va a participar en un comité no-anglófono por primera vez en MUNUSAL 2021, ¡está deseando veros a todos en Salamanca el próximo mes de abril!

Foto Chair.png

Mariana Rivas


Originally from Venezuela, Mariana is a 21 years old Political Science and Art History student at the University of Bonn, where she is a member of the association BIMUN/SINUB. She has attended and organized MUNs for the past six years, in different roles such as a delegate, ExCom, and as a chair. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, reading, and dancing.


She is looking forward to this online edition of MUNUSAL and to chairing DISEC with her good friend, Glynn.


Glynn Cooreman


Glynn is currently pursuing her Master of Laws at the KU Leuven in Belgium. Academically, she is most interested in IP/IT law, mediation and tax law. Her MUN experience encompasses appearances as delegate and chair in several MUNs (both on- and offline), including KULMUN, the MUN association and conference which she has been part of since she started studying. In her spare time, she enjoys watching true crime documentaries, muay thai, traveling to unusual places and attending concerts (having replaced the latter two by reading books and listening to Spotify for the time being).

She looks forward to chairing DISEC at MUNUSAL 2021 alongside Mariana, and hopes to see a bunch of delegates on the virtual floor of DISEC this April.


Rosario Cives Losada

Editor in Chief

Rosario was born in Argentina, but she moved to Spain when she was only 3. She spent her teenage years in a small town in the region of Extremadura and she left as soon as she could to study Translation and Interpreting in her beloved Salamanca. Little did she know she was going to move again on her second year. This time she packed her bags to have an intense but wonderful Erasmus experience in the land of baguettes and croissants. Even though she still misses Lyon, she never stopped loving Salamanca and she’s ready to make everyone feel the same way.


Other than complaining about how little she sleeps and procrastinating, she likes meeting new people who have stories to tell, discovering new music and readying in any format. Although she could only participate in 2018’s conference as a journalist, she’s really looking forward to being Editor-In-Chief this year. She’ll make sure you have something to talk about during coffee breaks!


Belen Salaverry

Editor in Chief

Born and raised in Lima (Perú), Belén moved to Spain by herself at the age of 18. After some failed career attempts back home and here, she found her true calling at the University of Salamanca, where she is currently in her last year of Translation and Interpreting. Before leaving this amazing city to pursue something new, she wanted to experience the MUNUSAL phenomenon and see for herself if it is as good as they say. She is sure it will be. 

Belén’s hobbies involve taking pictures of everyone and everything, learning how to say “cheers” in every single language and nagging people to show them how much she likes them. 

She’s really looking forward to being your Editor-in-Chief, along with Rosario, and will do her best to have everyone running their mouths throughout the event. 

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