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Mariana Rivas Salazar

Secretary General

Originally from Venezuela, Mariana is a Political Science and Art History student at the University of Bonn, where she is a proud member of the association BIMUN/SINUB. Mariana started MUNing during high school and, after realising it was more than just playing dress-up, she dived into the exciting MUN world. She has attended several conferences across the world as a delegate, Executive Committee member, Chair and, now, as Secretary General.

After the great online edition of MUNUSAL 2021, Mariana is eager to welcome you in April in the beautiful city of Salamanca for MUNUSAL 2022 to get to know the city, have fruitful debates, meet with old and new friends and, last but definitely not least, dance the night away to reggeaton.


Sofie Haljan Schoors

Deputy Secretary General

A 21 year Belgian Canadian from Leuven, Sofie is a Master of History with a focus on Women’s and Indigenous rights; now, broadening her academic horizon with studies in Comparative International Relations.

After her first steps in the wonderful world of MUN through KULMUN in 2018, she has attended multiple conferences as a delegate, ExCom member and Chair. Sofie, as Deputy Secretary General, together with her amazing Secretary General Mariana, cannot wait to receive you in the beautiful city of Salamanca, introduce you to the one and only Patricia and, of course, see you thrive in debates together with friends new and old.

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Lorencia Poçi


Lorencia, better known as Lori, is a student at KU Leuven, Belgium. She has a bachelor’s in Business Economics and is now enrolled in the Master of Information Management where two of her interest, economics and data science, meet. A third interest of hers has always been International Politics.

Lori got to know MUNing coincidentally through a friend and she decided to register for the KULMUN 2018 Conference without having any knowledge about MUNing. It ended up being a lovely experience where she had a wonderful time, made new friends and learned a lot. She knew she wanted more so she applied and became a member of KULMUN in the next academic year. After being a member for two years, in which she discovered multiple interests during trainings and went abroad for several conferences, she became the Executive Board’s treasurer. Now, Lori has started the first year of her new journey: the three-year KULMUN Governing Board mandate. This year she is taking on the role of vice-president of the GB.

She wanted another challenge and that’s why she chose to apply to be Editor-in-Chief at MUNUSAL 2022, her first chairing position ever to which she is looking very much forward.


Johanna Fietze


Johanna was born and raised in Cologne, Germany, but always wanted to live abroad. After working as a volunteer in Finland after graduation, she moved to Bonn to pursue a Bachelor’s in Political Science and Sociology. She is a member of Bonn's MUN Association, BIMUN/SINUB, and organized the conference logistics as a member of the Participants Department in 2021. Currently, she enjoys French wine and patisserie during her Erasmus Semester at Sciences Po Bordeaux.

Apart from MUNing, you will find Johanna listening and dancing to Carnival music from Cologne in costume, running through the forest with aspirations towards a half-marathon some day and probably trying to speak French to everyone at an MUN in Spain. As Editor-in-Chief, she will make sure to spill all the latest gossip on MUNUSAL's social media accounts, share memes of all the committees and embrace the MUN spirit during socials together with her Co-Editor-in-Chief, Lori. She is very much looking forward to attending MUNUSAL 2022 in person and meeting all of you!


Daniel Kahn

ILO Chair

Born and raised in Panama City, Panama, Daniel is currently a Global Studies student at the University of Salamanca. Having found his passion for MUNs over five years ago, he has played several roles getting involved in conferences, from participating as a delegate to chairing to organising them, having even been Secretary-General of one of the biggest MUN conferences in his home country. Thanks to this, he has gotten the chance to participate in conferences all over the Americas, in cities such as New York, Montreal, Santo Domingo, Cartagena and, of course, Panama City. All of these experiences have allowed him to meet interesting people and further understand the at-times convoluted world of international affairs.

Apart from MUNs, Daniel is a massive speciality coffee enthusiast and enjoys watching movies from all around the world (he would highly appreciate it if you gave him film recommendations during the socials), listening to alternative rock, film photography and lengthy discussions on history and politics. He is extremely eager to be chairing the ILO at this edition of MUNUSAL and cannot wait to see the committee packed to the brim with delegates excited to participate.


Viola Parma

​ILO Chair

Viola is a 19-year-old student from Bonn, Germany. She pursues a political science and sociology degree in her third semester and studies psychology as a minor. Academically, she is most interested in the European Union and Cultural Studies. As a member of BIMUN/SINUB, she was responsible for the Participants' Coordination at the 2021 edition and cared for the "Green Conference" pillar.

Apart from MUNing, she has played the piano (sadly not the viola) since she was 3. She loves to cook, go for a walk or read a book. If you want to know more about octopi or cats, she is the person to contact!

Together with her (spoilers!) Co-Chair, Daniel, cannot wait to gift the delegates an unforgettable experience in the ILO committee at the MUNUSAL 2022 edition and get a first taste of chairing experience. Try and speak Spanish with her, if you would like to, she will understand most of it but will be unable to answer.

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Neele Hartel


After growing up in a small town in Germany, Neele is now a 22-year-old Political Science and Public Law student with a special interest in global politics and human rights at the University of Bonn. Where she joined the BIMUN/SINUB Association last year and started MUNing. MUNUSAL 2021 was, in fact, her very first MUN Conference and therefore, she is very excited to come back to MUNUSAL as a chair in April 2022. She is looking forward to hopefully meeting the persons she got to know online this time in Salamanca.
In her spare time, she enjoys photography, drawing and travelling. Without ever having been to Spain before, she is even more excited to explore Salamanca in Spring. She loves everything that is sweet, and thus, she spends a lot of time in the kitchen baking cookies and cakes and sharing them afterwards with her friends.


Noémi Végi


Noémi was born and raised in a small town in the “beak” of Slovenia, the country’s bilingual territory. She is currently a third-year student of International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. The world of MUN was introduced to her back in 2019 by a friend. She joined MUNSC (Model United Nations Slovenia Club) for the company and stayed for the content as well – she is the club’s current president. She also sings in three choirs and is an active member of the Student’s Association for International Relations Globallis at her faculty.

Her free time is devoted to music, good company, interesting debates with friends and colleagues and learning languages. You can chat with her about countless things, ranging from ultimate frisbee is, through current political topics and dramas, to simple recipes one can cook in a student-friendly way. She is talkative, open and loves to meet new faces (but also to re-encounter familiar ones) – thus, she is very excited to chair a great committee and to meet friends and future friends at MUNUSAL 2022.


Corentin Larmoire Roussel


Coz, or Corentin as his ID states, has completed a Master’s degree in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies in the Jaume I University, in Spain. He currently works as an advocacy and communications intern for UNICEF in Normandy, the region he was born and raised in. He started MUNing in 2014 with his University Association and never really stopped. After a few years of delegating, chairing and partying at a few too many conferences, he is pleased to join the MUNUSAL squad once more. The UNPFII is a peculiar committee, and he is excited to watch delegates discuss a crucial and yet overlooked topic of indigenous women and their political representation.


Kalyssa Heinrich


Kalyssa is a Swiss Canadian currently living in Switzerland and working at the United Nations International Telecommunications Union in the digital inclusion division, focused on women and youth empowerment through technology. She studied International Relations with a focus in international politics and economics at the University of Geneva.  Having grown up in a small town on Vancouver Island in Canada, on the Unceded traditional territory of the K’ómoks First Nations, the traditional keepers of this land, she is passionate about the power of youth empowerment and gender equality in building understanding and communicating across cultures, borders and generations. She has been MUNing around Europe since 2018 and is looking forward to e-meeting everyone in the virtual UNPFII committee.


Nancy Prieto Pérez

OAS Chair

Originaria de la hermosa ciudad de Chihuahua, México (sí, como el perro), Nancy es una persona alegre de 23 años que estudia Política y Economía en la Universidad de Bonn. Ella descubrió su amor por los MUNs cuando participó en la conferencia de su instituto y después volvió al mundo de los MUNs gracias a la Asociación BIMUN/SINUB, donde ella es la presidenta. Aparte de su amor por los debates, a Nancy también le gusta bailar, cantar, hablar y la comida mexicana.

Ella está muy feliz de ser presidenta del comité de la OEA junto con Tomas, quien fue su presidente de comité en la edición de MUNUSAL del año pasado. Además, ¡¡ella está muy emocionada de conocerlos a ustedes en MUNUSAL 2022!!


Tomas Sielaff Alvarez

OAS Chair

Tomas es un estudiante de historia y americanismo de 26 años que vive en Berlín. Nacido y criado en Curitiba, Brasil, MUNUSAL 2022 será su vigésimo séptima conferencia. Académicamente, está muy interesado en el colonialismo latinoamericano y sus consecuencias en la actualidad.

Además de los MUN, Tomas toca el violín desde que tenía cuatro años y sus intereses son muy variados, van desde el fútbol hasta las criptomonedas.

¡Junto a Nancy no puede esperar a tener una experiencia inolvidable en SalaMUNca el próximo año con todos los delegados en la Organización de los Estados Americanos!



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