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Conference-Wide Crisis

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Leah Mathiesen
Crisis Director
Crisis director
Nicolás Cardona

MUNUSAL 2023 will simulate the United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development and the United Nations Security Council, all in English and the United Nations General Assembly in Spanish. The press team, The Globe, will publish articles in both English and Spanish. MUNUSAL 2023 will also feature a Conference-Wide Crisis

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MUNUSAL 2023 will feature a conference-wide crisis, where crisis events will be introduced in a dynamic and fast-paced manner at points throughout the conference, and where committees and delegates take a refreshing break from the policy-making work they are focused on to work together addressing actual and pressing matters. The crisis is additionally designed to link the work of all the committees involved, allowing delegates to influence the work of other delegates from outside their committee and the narratives of other committees, strengthening our emphasis on the interconnectivity of the current world and the United Nations.

The crisis will be managed by Amanda and Nicolas, who both boast years of MUN experience and have perfected their skills in the workings of MUN crisis.


MUNUSAL 2023 contará con una crisis que involucrará a toda la conferencia. Se presentarán  eventos de la crisis en una manera  dinámica en varios momentos a lo largo de la conferencia, en los cuáles  los comités y delegados podrán tomar un bienvenido descanso de la elaboración de políticas, para trabajar juntos en solucionar asuntos urgentes y de actualidad.

La crisis estará diseñada también para conectar el trabajo de todos los comités involucrados y así permitir a los delegados influir en el trabajo de otros comités, reforzando nuestro énfasis en la interconectividad de nuestro mundo y de las Naciones Unidas.

Esta crisis será manejada por Amanda y Nicolás, que traen consigo varios años de experiencia de MUN y del funcionamiento de las crisis MUN.

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Picture: UNSC 2019

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