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Safeguarding the Rights of Civilians in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Human Rights' violations and Statelessness Among the Uyghur Population

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, which started decades ago, is still ongoing, resulting in several citizens left without a home, wounded, or losing their lives. The United Nations Human Rights Council has the duty and the obligation to look after these individuals on both sides of the conflict, and see how the global community can be of help. This issue goes beyond religious beliefs and sovereignty, it is not a matter of who is right or wrong; humanitarian efforts need to be provided to civilians whose lives are being drastically disrupted. It is of dire importance that aid starts being provided sooner than later, and through this Committee, the goal is to reach a consensus on such a matter, in hopes for safeguarding lives, rather than losing them

The Uyghur community’s situation in China's Xinjiang region demands immediate attention from the UNHRC. As of today, they face severe human rights abuses, and risk of statelessness, underpinned by Chinese policies. Many Uyghurs seek refuge abroad, with Turkey serving as a crucial transit hub, however, growing relations between Beijing and Ankara threatens their safety and long-term stability. The UNHRC's intervention is vital. It represents crucial aid for the Uyghurs in the journey to restore their rights, identity, and freedom. In a world committed to justice and human rights, the International Community must take swift, resolute action to address this crisis. Time is of the essence to protect the Uyghurs from further harm and ensure their return to a life free from oppression and persecution.

United Nations Human Rights Council

Established in 2006, to replace one of the UN´s founding bodies in the Human Rights Commission, the United Nations Human Rights Council is tasked with strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights around the globe and addressing situations of human rights violations by making recommendations on them. The scope of its mandate means that it can be called upon to address a wide variety of situations and topics making discussions within it both incredibly diverse and important.
For MUNUSAL 2024 the Council will be one of two Intermediate-level committees, where those with some MUN experience can part take in lively debate on multi-faceted topics and put their rhetorical skills to the test.


Marelaine Formosa

Marelaine Formosa is a 21-year old Maltese student studying law at the University of Malta. She has been in activism for a while starting with the University School of Performing Arts in Malta as the Education and International Coordinator, and later president of the organization, followed by the Public Relations Officer for the Malta Law Students Society. Currently she is Chair for the Malta Model United Nations Society (MaltMUN), and have participated in several MUNs including PolMUN, MUNUSAL, and in MaltMUN's Secretariat. Her interests include the performing arts, reading, and diplomacy! She is very looking forward to meet you all and experience MUNUSAL again, this time as one of the chairs! 


Andreia Mendes

Her name is Andreia and she is a Portuguese and Spanish 22 year-old Masters student of ‘International and European Law’ at NOVA School of Law in Lisbon, the city where I also took my Law degree. 

She has been passionate about MUN’s ever since participating in her first conference in 2021, where, despite it being held online because of Covid, and she almost burning my kitchen down whilst making lunch and writing working papers, she truly gained a love for debating and meeting people from all around the world. Since then, She has been lucky enough to be a part of many national and international conferences as delegate, coach, faculty advisor and chair, and, most importantly, help bring other enthusiastic students into this amazing world as a member of the Lisbon School of Law MUN Society."


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Picture: UNSC 2019

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