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THE GLOBE: our press committee!

If you think debating is great, but writing is better, The Globe is for you!
Following our own little tradition, MUNUSAL’s press work will be done by our press agency simulation: The Globe.
The Globe consists of a team of journalists under the leadership of two Editors-In-Chief, who will coordinate the works and operations of Press in the conference.
The events of MUNUSAL’s world, the debates, twists and surprises will be announced and carried by this amazing group of amazing journalists. 

THE GLOBE: ¡nuestro comité de prensa! 
Si crees que debatir es genial, pero escribir es mejor, ¡The Globe es para ti! 
Siguiendo nuestra pequeña tradición, el trabajo de prensa de MUNUSAL será realizado por nuestra simulación de prensa: The Globe. The Globe consiste en un grupo de periodistas  bajo la dirección de dos jefes de dirección, que coordinarán trabajos y operaciones de la prensa en la conferencia.
Los eventos en el mundo de MUNUSAL 2024, los debates, giros y sorpresas serán anunciados y seguidos por este increíble grupo de periodistas.


Lisa Lendermann

Lisa studies Geography at the University of Bonn. It was during her time in Bonn that she discovered her interest in MUN conferences. Since then, she has been enthusiastic about attending two particular conferences: BIMUN (Bonn) and MUNUSAL (Salamanca). What she likes most about MUN is the friendships and shared memories that you gain over time. When she´s not engrossed in MUN activities or my academic responsibilities, you can either find her catching up with friends, traveling, or hitting the Gym. She often participates in MUN conferences as part of the Press Team, where she takes on the role of guiding and coordinating the journalists. She us looking forward to do so in the upcoming MUNUSAL Conference 2024 as an Editor In Chief. 



Hi there! I’m Elena-Mari, a 20-year-old student from Belgium. I'm half-Belgian/half-German, love languages, and am currently studying English and Spanish at the KUL. I joined my home association; Kulmun in 2021 and since then MUNing has become a real passion of mine I’ve especially become a real crisis-lover. I could not be more happy to reprise my role as Editor-In-Chief this year, MUNUSAL 2023 gave me a new love and appreciation for the press team and I really hope to convey that love to all of you! When I'm not doing MUNs, you can find me reading books or being a full-on theatre kid. I have a crazy earring collection, that you probably get to know.

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Picture: UNSC 2019

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