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Conference-wide Crisis


MUNUSAL 2024 will feature a conference-wide crisis, where crisis events will be introduced in a dynamic and fast-paced manner at points throughout the conference, and where committees and delegates take a refreshing break from the policy-making work they are focused on to work together addressing actual and pressing matters. The crisis is additionally designed to link the work of all the committees involved, allowing delegates to influence the work of other delegates from outside their committee and the narratives of other committees, strengthening our emphasis on the interconnectivity of the current world and the United Nations.


Ilan Einstoss Pato

 Ilan is a half Portuguese, half Brazilian third-year International Relations bachelor's student at the University of Lisbon. He has been involved in MUNs since secondary being a delegate and chairing many committees. More recently he has taken on an active role in my local MUN organization, LISBOMUN, as the new President. He loves the way MUN unites students from all around the world and gives them a chance to debate within a unique framework, enabling creative solutions, and above all, new friendships, and he hopes to provide delegates with a fun and welcoming environment where they'll be able to challenge themselves in providing solutions to the wacky crisis we have in store.

Besides MUN, he enjoys catching up on my favourite series, new films, and he can often be found out and about in Lisbon enjoying a drink with friends."


Sofia Oliveira 

Sofia is a 23-year-old Portuguese student, currently finishing a master’s in International Studies. Originally from Porto (a city not too far away from Salamanca!) she was 16 years old when she discovered her passion for the MUN world, so much so that she co-founded the first MUN conference ever held in a public high school in Portugal. Sofia has since participated in over 25 conferences in Portugal and around Europe and is currently Treasurer of the LisboMUN Association. Last year, she attended MUNUSAL as a delegate and had the most amazing time, which is why she decided to join us this year as one of the Crisis Directors!

Outside of MUN, she can be found reading, volunteering or fangirling about Taylor Swift and Eurovision. Sofia can’t wait to be back in Salamanca and to surprise the delegates with the unpredictable and creative crisis twists and turns.

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