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Rosario Cives Losada
Editor in Chief
Editor in Chief
Belén Salaverry

MUNUSAL 2021 will simulate the Historical Security Council in English, the DISEC in English and UNESCO in Spanish. The press team, The Globe, will publish articles in both English and Spanish.



Committee news

Information about resolutions, advances and affairs on the committees

The press team will inform about any advances in the debates that take places in the different committees, all of it through the social media accounts of The Globe, so if you want to know how the other committees are doing, you must check it out.


Gossips, memes, and more

All the information you need to know about the affairs taking place on the conference

The press team also will provide you information about the gossips, affairs, and memes of the conference. Don't think twice of checking out The Globe social media if you want to know everything that happens in the socials. Our press team is very efficent, but they can't be everywhere so they let you send your own gossips, so if you know about some good one, don't doubt and let them know!


Picture: HRC 2018 

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